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Create a Chromebook from an Older Laptop

Not sure what to do with older laptops? The current installed operating system makes them difficult to operate, have too much lag time, are unreliable and students simply can’t use them. Don’t have enough Chromebooks on hand for students to maximize their education and take advantage of technology? S3 Technologies has a solution.

At this time, you may be thinking boat anchor, but S3 Technologies can take older laptops and turn them into Chromebooks. Basically, removing the operating system, adding some licenses and installing the light ChromeOS will transform old, unusable machines into easy to use, online tools students can use just like a Chromebook.

Also, part of the license is transferable, so if the laptop battery or another issue arises, it’s only a minimal charge to transform (or configure) the “next old” laptop into a Chromebook. All at about half the cost of a new Chromebook.

Contact S3 Technologies for a laptop audit and special pricing for more than 30 Chromebook conversions. S3 can help stretch your technology budget to make the most for your students’ education.