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Security / Access Systems

Cameras and Video Surveillance


Monitor your interior corridors, libraries, auditoriums, stairwells, and large common spaces. Be certain you can capture points of entries and exits.

The ability to view past and live video, and monitor who has access to the system, is an added level of protection for your students and staff.


Much can happen outside of the physical building. S3 can help identify where cameras should be placed on the exterior of your buildings to protect the property, athletic fields, playground/recess, and maintenance areas. Parking lots are key areas schools should consider camera coverage, in addition to pick-up and drop-off areas.

Access Control

Gain control of who enters your space with an access control system. Access control can be a great tool for your school.  It can be as simple as a door buzzer with intercom system, allowing you to screen who enters your building or as intricate as fingerprint access by area and time of day only.

Employee Access Control System


Obtain access using a code into the keypad, or select a system which gives the option to use an access card and/or keypad.

Employee Access Control System


A “contactless” card which can be read without insertion into a reader device.  These devices work on RFID technology and are encrypted. Cards are typically considered active or passive. Active cards (containing a small battery) or “passive” (relying on the reader to read the card). When the card is within a certain distance of the radio receiver, the system reads and authenticates the card, which provides or denies access to the room/building.


Home Security System and Fire Alarm

Set alarms for sensitive areas, S3 will assist you with notifications, monitoring and provide you with peace of mind knowing your building is secure.