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May 6
S3 Technologies Develops Technology for Graduation Magic

Since walking across the stage isn’t an option, schools all over Ohio are dealing with the challenge of finding memorable ways to celebrate the eClass of 2020.  We’ve developed a fun, affordable, and socially responsible solution for your students to enjoy!

In a partnership with Akron-based New Territory and using Snapchat as the platform, we will work quickly with your schools to create a branded face filter that can be fully customized and easily shared.

Check out our LIVE Snapchat demo of S3’s unique augmented reality experience here!

Click here for LIVE demo
S3 also can easily create a compilation video or slideshow of favorite memories (created with or without Snapchat) to commemorate and fuel school spirit.

Contact us today to get started or click the link below for more details!

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Apr 27
Fun with Google Sites!

In this age of modern technology, social media, and other websites have become the main source of information. Whether you happen to be looking for news, entertainment, or research, chances are that you can find it on a site. Creating and maintaining a website can seem like a daunting task, but as with most things, Google has found a simple solution in the form of Google Sites.

Google Sites is a free Google application that can be used by anyone to create simple website and wikis. Just like the other apps in your GSuite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.), Google Sites highly encourages collaboration and can be shared with countless potential editors. The project and presentation possibilities are endless, so let’s get started!

Click "Download" below to find out all about Google Sites in the latest S3 E-Tip volume.

Apr 27
Stay Connected With Google Meet!

While zoom seems to have taken the teaching world by storm, g-suite by google has another option for meeting with students over video. Google hangouts became google’s chat feature in 2013. The ability to use video was added with the creation of google meet.

This is typically a paid service, but google has given free access to the service through September 30th, 2020 due to the pandemic. Remote learning right through google has never been easier!

Click "Download" below to find out all about google meet in the latest S3 e-tip volume.

Apr 16
Helping You Through The S2 Sonos Update

In June 2020, Sonos will release S2, a new app and operating system (OS) that will power the next generation of products and experiences. In addition to new features, usability updates, and more personalization moving forward, Sonos S2 will enable higher resolution audio technologies for music and home theater.

Many of you are currently using S1 products and the new app will not support the advances of S2 products due to their memory and processing power.

What this means for you:  Sonos will still support the S1 app currently connecting to these abovementioned devices, and you can still use older products with the S1 Controller app. The S1 Controller app will receive bug fixes and security patches, but it will not receive future software features.  For those of you using S2 products, you’ll continue to use the traditional Sonos app.

Sonos suggests that you separate your S2 compatible and incompatible products into two separate systems and that products in one system will not be able to group with products with another.

How we can help: Sonos is currently offering an option to upgrade through their Trade Up program and save 30% on a new compatible product.  Please let us know if you’d like more information.

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