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Learn How to Use Screecastify!

Screencastify is a free Google Extension that allows teachers and students to record their video/audio along with whatever is on their screen. This is a great way for teachers to present asynchronous “instruction” and for students to “present” their knowledge to the teacher.

Many of our teachers (and students) aren’t ready or able to jump right to Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet for live distance learning.  S3 is recommending to our partner schools to “walk before you run”!  For the first few weeks of online instruction, encourage the teachers to use the technology they are already comfortable with. There are a plethora of free technology tools available right now.  However, jumping too quickly into too many different types of new tech tools will be overwhelming for the teachers, students, and parents!

If you are a G-Suite for Education school and your teachers are already comfortable with Google Classroom and Google apps, then Screencastify is the perfect tool to arm your teachers with for success. We have recorded a FREE instructional video that will cover more than just how-to-use Screencastify. We will discuss practical ways teachers and students can use Screencastify across the curriculum. Fill out the form below to get access!