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Take advantage of Ohio's School Safety Grant Program to make imperative upgrades to your district's safety and security! The deadline is October 3rd, so contact S3 Technologies ASAP!

Grant Opportunity Alert!

As you might be aware, Governor Dewine has announced a list of schools that are eligible for grants that can be used for upgrades in safety and security. In this day and age, it is absolutely imperative that we are protecting our staff and students while they are in the buildings, so this couldn’t have come at a better time as the school year is beginning!

How can S3 Technologies help?

S3 Technologies specializes in security upgrades, offering products like surveillance cameras, door access control, paging and intercom systems, and smart sensors that monitor for vape, THC, carbon monoxide, volatile compounds, and even gun shots. We would love to help you make these improvements in a way that will meet your needs, as well as your budget.

Halo Smart Sensor- One of our many safety & security upgrade options

This page is dedicated to one of our newest products, the Halo Smart Sensor. This ceiling mounted detector has 12 sensors that monitor and alert for 17+ different action items.  These include things like gunshots, vape, help phrases, THC, masking/tampering, carbon monoxide, volatile compounds, and health index/air quality. If any of these items, plus many others, are detected around the detector, a text/email alert will be sent to a point person that is set in the Cloud management service.

The Halo Smart Sensor is NDAA approved, meaning you can purchase it with federal funds, just like this grant opportunity you have now!

The sensor sits on the network, so it is powered over ethernet, meaning no electrical outlets are needed. The devices can be easily managed in the Halo Cloud software. This is where thresholds are set and contact information for alerts is added.

The Halo is over 90% accurate and has been a game changer for the schools that have been able to implement the device. This sensor has absolutely no audio or visual recording, so it is safe to have in bathrooms, a place commonly known for bullying and vaping issues.

The sensor can really add an interesting layer to your Video Management System as well. A dashboard of the seventeen action items can integrate seamlessly into your VMS, so when a sensor goes off, the VMS will capture who is in the area around the time of the sensor going off. There are already 40+ Video Management Systems that Halo will integrate with, but that list grows daily.

Watch these videos for more information on the Halo Smart Sensor, and download this PDF for specific information on the Halo, the Cloud services, and seven key reasons why the Halo might be a good solution for your school district.

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To find out if the Halo Smart Sensor is the right solution for your school, contact us to setup a virtual or in-person meeting! If you are interested in security upgrades outside of the Halo Smart Sensor, we can help with that as well! Give us a call at 330-648-5408 or email us at help@mys3tech.com to see how S3Technologies can help improve your building’s safety and security!

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