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Value of Communication with Digital Signs

Have you ever walked into a building for the first time and wondered, where am I supposed to go?  Or a store and think, I know I need this, but while I’m here, what else can I accomplish? Wouldn’t it be easier if we walked into a place and signs were there to direct us? Well, luckily, that is exactly what we think too.

At S3, we work with our customers to simplify the process of distributing information. Instant communication and completely dynamic. When you have a message to get out there, the digital sign is ready to receive and display. Personalize a welcome for visitors, highlight an event or a special offer, the options are endless and digital signs are the perfect solution. Congratulate employees, motivate students, recognize partners and customers, communicate safety information, drive employee engagement and the list continues. Think how you could use a dynamic digital sign to get your message front and center of your audience.


Every digital sign project is different. Many variables come together to create a digital sign project and S3 takes a simple approach.   Keep it SIMPLE – Stay In the Minds of the People you Love…it’s that EASY!  Who are the people you love?  The ones that can grow your business, receive assistance from your message or if it’s an internal board Your Employees…who make or break your company daily!

Things to consider for a digital sign rollout.

  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What is your objective(s)?
  3. Traffic patterns of your audience?
  4. Do the signs need to be interactive?
  5. How often does the content need to change? by the minute, hour, day or week?
  6. Who will manage the digital signs, the schedule, and audit to ensure they are playing properly?
  7. Who will create content and manage the library of videos, messages, images, and brand?

S3 can do all of this for you. Get started today. Contact us and ask how you can qualify for a free 30-day trial with a personalized digital sign. Realize how easy it is to bring the value of communication to your space.

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