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Who’s Entering your Building?

Seasonal employees, vacation schedules and adjusted work days, can make it a challenge to keep up with who is coming and going and when.  If you have high turnover in your business you also know how expensive and inconvenient it can be to change locks and assign new keys.  Consider controlling who enters your building(s) 24/7 with access control solutions from S3 Technologies.  Restricting or allowing an employee’s access to buildings and/or sensitive areas can be critical to your peace of mind. This is a convenient and user-friendly way to track access.  Schedules can be customized by door, individual and time of day and cut off access in an instant with a click of a button.

It’s more cost effective than ever to add or upgrade access control. S3 Technologies will design, install manage and maintain a high-quality access control system to meet your needs. Do you need one that enables you to manage multiple locations in real-time? Provides historical data?

Interested in securing your doors with an access control solutions? Contact S3 Technologies today for a FREE access audit for your building.