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February 17, 2023

The yellow buses are jamming the streets again, Labor Day is but a distant memory, and the recent chill in the air suggests that summer is slowly winding down. These signs can only mean one thing: it’s back to school time. And just in time for the students’ open house at Mohawk Elementary, S3 Technologies was able to install an entirely new video distribution system to service each of their 68 televisions in a matter of a few days.

How was this possible? By using a relatively new and exciting technology called Just Add Power. Just Add Power is a video distribution system that sends HDMI video and audio out over a local computer network. All that is needed is a transmitter device at the source (for example, a computer, Blu-Ray player, or camcorder) and a receiver device at each of the TVs the video will be playing on.

Just Add Power 2G+ Enhanced Digital Transmitter

S3 was able to implement a painless installation process that involved mounting the devices behind the TVs and plugging in a few cords. The TVs were then ready to receive HD quality video and audio from any one of the five source transmitters that were set up in the school’s library. It was that simple!

So, right now, Mohawk is streaming their video/digital sign 24 hours a day, seven days a week without so much as a blip of resistance or complication. Then, in the morning, as school is beginning, they merely have to select their camcorder as a transmitter in order to do a live broadcast of the morning announcements.

It helped that Mohawk had the infrastructure in place to make these devices work. They already had all the TVs mounted, complete with network jacks behind them, and they were able to create a dedicated network only for the Just Add Power devices so that the video feed wouldn’t slow down their main network. The S3 solution turned out to be a perfect fit for them.

The feature of being able to run non-stop for “decades,” as Just Add Power’s President Ed Qualls states, basically eliminates the need for day to day maintenance, which was a very important consideration for Mohawk Elementary. They came to S3 Technologies with a problem. The video distribution system they had before would shut off after a few hours, had trouble communicating with their local computer network, and was just a daily pain for the principal, who had to run around to each TV and turn the system on manually every morning.

S3 told them they had a solution: Just Add Power. So now, with the touch of a button, they can instantly broadcast any video feed they choose throughout the entire school. And the principal is happy because he gets to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes every morning.

The applications for Just Add Power are endless. Anywhere there are TVs and a computer network, there can be HDMI video/audio transmitted to them. In schools, businesses, or hospitals, and anywhere in between, Just Add Power may be the solution you are looking for.

And no matter what the problem, you can be sure that we here at S3 will find a fitting and proper audio-visual solution to specifically fit your needs. This is what we do here, this is who we are. We love solving problems and making our customers’ lives easier, simpler, and happier. This is one of the most important core values of our business. S3 Technologies is your Single Source Solution.


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