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XR Extended Reality :
Virtual, Augmented,
and Mixed Reality

XR Solutions bring the innovation and competitive edge your organization has been seeking.

Once a concept of science-fiction, augmented and virtual reality applications have now found their way into savvy commercial applications.  Use XR to enhance your marketing and digital signage, training, awareness, and understanding through designed experiences for virtually any industry.  Additional emerging technologies such as facial recognition and projection mapping can integrate with other S3 solutions for a truly unique technological edge.

In addition, the S3 team has an iOS and Android application to blend digital objects and messaging with the real world through a mobile device.  Combined with our proprietary analytics platform, this impactful visual tool gives you the keys to create a unique connection with your customers and understand how they are interacting with your brand.

S3 Technologies is proud to announce that we have acquired New Territory, a leader in immersive technology experiences since 2017.  With these expanded capabilities and relationships with organizations such as eBay, Goodyear, and the Bounce Innovation Hub (to name a few), S3 looks forward to serving the Northeast Ohio community through New Territory’s existing esports organization, VR arcade, and an augmented reality development studio with a global customer base.

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