Technology for Schools


We collaborate with schools to integrate technology for increased student engagement and achievement.

Specialized Technology Training and Coaching

Give your teachers the training and resources they need to teach 21st Century learners with on-site or virtual training developed to meet your school’s unique needs. Our quarterly TechU provides technology integration training, and our bi-weekly eTips assist with useful handouts and videos emailed directly to the staff – administrators and teachers alike. To sign up to receive eTips please subscribe here.

Visit our Education Technology page to learn how S3 is helping schools all across Ohio.
Classroom Technologies

S3 partners with your administration, teachers, and team to integrate technology in the classroom. We work with iPads, Google Chromebooks, whiteboards, and other interactive tech to design customized solutions. Our team understands the programs available for funding and how to work within your budget.

Networks for Schools

S3 also can provide the managed IT services, networking, cabling installation, and preventative maintenance you need to keep communication strong. Let S3 be your single source solution for modern day educational needs.

Facility Security

Know you are doing everything you can to protect your faculty and students with upgraded cameras and monitoring systems, door access, bulletproof glass, and lockdown & crisis management tools.

Facility A-V and Function

S3 also can upgrade your PA systems, audio-visual equipment in theaters and auditoriums, and projectors/interactive displays. Digital signage helps administrators get the word out about events, safety, scheduling items, student spotlights, and lunch menus – or just to build school spirit. The schools we work with have come to rely on S3, and we continue to partner as a dedicated resource.


For more information on the services we provide, please visit our EdTech page.


Alarm Systems

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Alarms in sensitive areas are the first step in gaining peace of mind and security for your building.  In addition to designing and installing alarm systems, S3 will assist you with notifications and monitoring for full-scope security.

Access control

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Gain control over who enters your space with an access control system, from a simple door buzzer to state-of-the-art biometric access.  S3’s experience spans intercom systems, keypads, key cards/fob proximity using RFID encrypted technology, fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, and hand geometry readers.

Video surveillance

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S3 maintains security monitoring 24/7 with an optional cellular/internet back up. The ability to view past and live video, and monitor who has access to the system, is an added level of protection for your facility.

Hamilton Custom-Made Security Partner

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S3 Technologies is a Hamilton Authorized Channel Partner, providing custom-designed vaults, safes, drive-up systems, and physical entrance control.  Our relationship with Hamilton includes Gunnebo Cash Management and Cash Recycling products.



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