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Emerging technologies go beyond problem solving to deliver a unique competitive advantage or creative business offering.

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Immersive technology is the future of storytelling.  Use XR, referred to as extended reality (an all-encompassing term for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) to enhance your marketing and digital signage, training, awareness, and understanding through designed experiences for virtually any industry.  Our design and implementation capabilities bring your products or services to life by combining the physical and virtual worlds for an experience your customers will never forget.

Additional emerging technologies such as facial recognition and projection mapping can integrate with other S3 solutions for a truly unique technological edge.


S3 Technologies is proud to announce that we have acquired New Territory, a leader in immersive technology experiences since 2017. To view some of their work to date integrating customized augmented and virtual reality technology in real-world business applications, please click here


Our mobile application enables you to bring your brand to life with augmented reality by blending digital objects and messaging with the real world through a mobile device.  The S3 team creates a custom augmented experience which, combined with our proprietary analytics platform, gives you the keys to create a unique connection with your customers and understand how they are interacting with your brand.


Alarm Systems

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Alarms in sensitive areas are the first step in gaining peace of mind and security for your building.  In addition to designing and installing alarm systems, S3 will assist you with notifications and monitoring for full-scope security.

Access control

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Gain control over who enters your space with an access control system, from a simple door buzzer to state-of-the-art biometric access.  S3’s experience spans intercom systems, keypads, key cards/fob proximity using RFID encrypted technology, fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, and hand geometry readers.

Video surveillance

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S3 maintains security monitoring 24/7 with an optional cellular/internet back up. The ability to view past and live video, and monitor who has access to the system, is an added level of protection for your facility.

Hamilton Custom-Made Security Partner

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S3 Technologies is a Hamilton Authorized Channel Partner, providing custom-designed vaults, safes, drive-up systems, and physical entrance control.  Our relationship with Hamilton includes Gunnebo Cash Management and Cash Recycling products.



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