6 Resources for Creating Classroom Presentations

A teacher using a PowerPoint presentation in the class.
October 19, 2023

As educators, we know that engaging students in the learning process leads to higher levels of understanding. Utilizing skillfully designed presentations, complete with visually captivating elements and interactive components fosters increased student engagement within the classroom. In this blog post, we will explore six resources that will help teachers create fun, innovative, and effective classroom presentations. Read on to discover how these tools can transform the teaching experience, foster student participation, and ultimately elevate the quality of education in today’s classrooms.


Canva is a digital design platform that has an amazing host of free features, especially for teachers. Templates make choosing colors, fonts, and graphics simple. Canva also has presentation-building capabilities, making it easy for teachers to create engaging classroom presentations without spending a lot of time building them from scratch. Make sure you use your teacher email address to sign up, so you have full access to all of Canva’s educator resources.


One of the most popular tools with teachers, Nearpod is a powerhouse full of pre-made lessons that have integrated activities, assessments, videos, and more that can be done whole group or individually. Nearpod also integrates with classroom presentation platforms such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, so if you’ve already created content there, it’s easy to add in more engaging features with Nearpod.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is an add-on for Google Slides that adds interactive features and formative assessments, allowing you to create hands-on activities for your students to participate in during your classroom presentations. Students join with a code and then follow along with your presentation, participating in short activities that you’ve added to your slides, such as fill-in-the-blank, drawing slides, matching, and many more. One of the great features of Pear Deck is that students don’t need any special login or sign-up; it’s easy for them to connect and start engaging with your classroom presentations, no matter what platform you’re using.

Slides Carnival

Speaking of Google Slides, if you feel comfortable creating the content but want to elevate the visual appeal of your classroom presentations, Slides Carnival is a great resource! This site has dozens of free templates that work with Google Slides – all you have to do is find a template, make a copy, and add your content. The backgrounds, icons, and color schemes make it easy to create engaging and appealing classroom presentations that are sure to draw in students.


One of the biggest buzzwords in education right now is artificial intelligence or AI. Educators tend to have mixed feelings about its use in the classroom, but Curipod is leveraging the power of AI to assist teachers in creating meaningful learning experiences for their students. Teachers answer a series of questions about the goal of a lesson, standards they want to address, and student information, and Curipod will generate a presentation with interactive experiences for students. As with all things AI, a human touch is needed to proofread and adjust to student needs, but Curipod takes some of the preparation off the teacher’s shoulders so they can focus on assisting students and personalizing their education.


If you are really looking to level up your classroom presentations, Prezi offers a platform that incorporates movement to create dynamic and engaging lessons. Prezi presentations zoom in and out, travel around the canvas, and transform text in various ways. It also integrates with the existing presentation platforms you already use. One of Prezi’s coolest features is its ability to overlay on video calls for students learning virtually so they can engage with immersive presentations from wherever they’re located.

At S3 Technologies, we not only value using exciting and engaging technology, but also provide resources that assist teachers with making meaningful connections for students. Becoming an effective modern educator begins with the right tools, and we hope this blog has shed light on the options available. Embrace the power of technology, experiment, and find the presentation tools that resonate with your teaching style. In doing so, you’ll not only optimize your classroom experience but also empower your students to thrive in the digital age of education.


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