Emergency Connectivity Fund Applications are Open

July 13, 2021

Attention schools and libraries! Looking for extra funding for technology to support remote learning? Applications for the Emergency Connectivity Fund are open until August 13! Eligible devices include laptops, tablets, wi-fi hotspots, modems, routers, and devices that combine a modem and router. To apply or learn more about the ECF, visit

All schools and libraries that are eligible for support through E-Rate are also eligible to receive financial support from the Emergency Connectivity Fund. However, you will need to register with the Federal System for Award Management (SAM) first if you are not already registered. Information on how to register for SAM can be found at

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Nov 17
2020 Hour of Code

S3 TechU Robotics Challenge

Who:  S3 TechU member schools may pick any grade level to participate (6th grade is suggested).  Split the class into several teams. Please assign a robot and equipment to a team and wipe it down after each use. Students should have their own Chromebooks/iPads to minimize sharing devices. Please observe social distancing and other recommendations.  We want this to be fun, but safe! Not an S3 TechU school, click here to find out more and register today!

What:  Pick a popular winter/holiday story such as Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, etc.  Make a map of the story and program your robot to move through the map, telling the story/adventure.  Students can add in voice or light programming or make the robot move/dance wherever it is appropriate. Two or more teams could collaborate, each robot playing a different character in the story.  During the practice stages, each team should have their own map.  Once completed, they can come together and try to run their programs simultaneously on the same mat.

Be creative! Add obstacles, music, voice over, etc.  The final submission must include one continuous video of your team/teams playing out the story.  This can be embedded in a larger presentation or video with explanations of how you came up with the topic, how you developed the map and eventually programmed the solution. Please keep the entire final submission under 10 minutes in length.

Please obtain photo releases for the students to be on-camera and recorded if students are visible in the videos. S3 would like to post these videos on our website and via Social Media.  Full student names will not be posted.  Team and School names may be posted.

When: December 7- 11, 2020 is CSW/Hour of Code.  Final Projects will be due December 11 (schools may begin working on the project immediately). We would love to host a Zoom call on December 11 or any day the following week (we can determine an exact date at TechU) with all participating schools and share the projects with each other.  Depending on the number of entries, we will share all submissions or just 1 per school.

Where: At your schools, video submissions will be sent to S3 Technologies.

Why:   To celebrate Computer Science/Hour of Code Week and to engage our students in coding using problem-based learning.

How:  This contest is Robot agnostic. Use whatever robots and programming you have available to you at your school.

Oct 2
Clean That Screen!

With some schools hosting in-person classes, safety and sanitation are a top priority. Along with keeping the hallways squeaky clean, we cannot forget that our in-class technology can be a hotbed for germs and bacteria.

What are the best products you can use to clean your screens and keep germs from spreading? S3 Technologies has the answers! Here is what our research uncovered.

Click "Download" below to find out all about cleaning your screen in the latest S3 E-Tip volume.

Aug 13
Start Your School Year with Google Meet!

As you gear up for the school year, Google Meet has your remote learning covered!  It has a simple integration with Google Classroom and can hold up to 250 participants, with the ability to record footage directly to Google can't beat it.
This is typically a paid service, but Google has given free access to the service through September 30th, 2020 due to the pandemic. Remote learning right through Google has never been easier.
Click "Download" below to find out all about Google Meet in the latest S3 E-Tip volume.

Jul 30
Sign up for TechU Today for FREE!

Program  Overview

TechU is a FREE  training/sharing program designed to help faculty and staff integrate  technology into their curriculum. TechU helps educators feel comfortable with  technology and then apply it in the classroom to elevate students’ learning.  Leave TechU with practical tools to use and share with your staff.  Click here to download our information  sheet.

 Hands-On Demos
 Continued Education
 Best Practice Sharing
 Practical Lesson Ideas Across Curriculum
 Updates on Latest Hardware and Software

 Technology coordinators
 Media specialists
 Computer teachers 
 Administrators looking to integrate technology effectively into their school

Whether you're  interested in learning about emerging tech or looking to learn more  about technology integration into your learning environment, our team at  S3 is here to help.  

Register for TechU by August 15 to be entered to win a Merge  VR headset!




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