9 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Digital Signage For Your Workplace

Digital Signage outside the business center building.
April 27, 2023

Digital signage for your workplace is a powerful way to communicate and connect with employees. With dynamic, real-time communications functions, digital signages provide employers with flexibility and dynamic messaging options.

Effective internal communications are essential for many reasons today. Communicating clearly to employees gives you an opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level. It’s also important to provide more transparency and insights.

When employers commit to deeper internal communication, technology is one effective way to get the word out. Workplace digital signages are a cost-effective and compelling option to use technology to deliver key messages in a timely manner.

Employees today are responsive to the use of technology, given how common it is in their other day-to-day work lives. Digital signage in the office can be a normal part of the experience, a regular way to seek out and interact with communication.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage at the office lobby.

Digital signage is a different type of communication mode. It is a dynamic messaging tool that allows employers to communicate in a new way. Digital signages in the office are powered by electricity and can be modified from a remote location, with messaging created and sent to the sign directly.

Digital signage is typically a screen or set of screens powered by software that manages the content and updates one or multiple screens.  It’s a more compelling mode of communication than traditional signage, which is static and requires manual labor to change. If critical information needs to be shared, updated, or emphasized, workplace digital signages are a far more effective and immediate solution.

Not all digital signages in the office are created equally. You should expect the software you choose to be dynamic, allowing you to manage content easily on one or multiple screens.

EngageS3 provides cloud-based digital signage software that is secure and intuitive to use. You can easily use EngageS3 software to update content and images on multiple screens from a single location with one click of a button.

Whether signage is deployed in a small business or enterprise organization, you can build playlists and schedule dates and times, providing simple, configurable solutions.

That flexibility is one of the core reasons why digital signage for your workplace is a smart communications solution. It provides administrators with communication that’s more dynamic and attractive than paper signage.

9 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Digital Signage

Multiple Screens Digital Signage at the office lobby.

There are many good reasons why using digital signage is a good choice for your workplace. Here are a few of the key benefits.

1. Convenient Office Messaging

With strategically deployed screens, you can use digital signage to convey messages easily. Administrators can plan, craft, and schedule messages across multiple screens, leading to more deliberate planning and execution of messaging.

In some organizations, not every employee has an email address or has the ability to check their email regularly during the day. Email may be a tried-and-true corporate communications tool, but workplace digital signages are a way to communicate when email is not viable or widespread.

Digital signages in the office can be looped and displayed prominently, ensuring your messages are available to be seen by every employee multiple times during the day.

2. Changeable Messages and Notices

In today’s dynamic workplace, there’s often a need to rapidly communicate information to employees. With changeable content, you can quickly send and reinforce messages across your workplace using digital signage.

3. Automated Workplace Communication

When you use digital signage, you can automate your communications through one system. You can create original content within the system or import it from other software tools. It’s a good way to share multiple types of important messages, including:

  • Policy reminders
  • Company news
  • Employee recognition
  • Safety instructions
  • HR initiatives
  • Lunch menus
  • Schedules
  • Newsletter content
  • Open enrollment deadlines for benefit signups

4. Real-Time Message Delivery

You can schedule posts ahead of time or change things at the moment. If there is urgent news you need to share, workplace digital signages are a smart way to get that information in front of employees. This functionality is especially important in organizations where employees do not usually have access to smartphones or computers regularly, such as hospitals, hotels, or construction sites.

5. Employee Engagement and Retention

Labor challenges across industries make it ever more critical to keep employees connected to each other. Employee engagement is a measure of how committed employees are to their colleagues and to the organization’s mission and values.  When employees feel better informed and aware of key information, they are more likely to feel engaged.

With higher rates of employee engagement, organizations are likely to see less turnover. Higher rates of employee retention lead to better production and fewer costs for hiring and onboarding.

6. Connecting Employee Teams

Often, organizations large and small suffer from workplaces that are disconnected from each other. Digital signage works as a way to build those connections by ensuring everyone has access to the same information. In workplaces with multiple shifts, digital signage can ensure that each shift receives the information on a timely basis.

With more connected teams comes more workplace collaboration. When everyone has the same information at roughly the same time, employees can discuss news and insights collectively, with everyone having access. Employees who can react to and collaborate on the latest corporate insights will forge closer connections and stronger work relationships.

7. Sustainability and Reduced Operating Costs

The costs to print and post paper signage throughout a facility can add up. Digital signage is much more eco-friendly and reduces the costs of cartridges, ink, photocopying, and labor to post and remove paper signs.

8. Content Variety

Digital signage lets you connect to employees in different ways with different types of content. With rapidly updateable content, you can keep employees interested and on the lookout for new updates on digital signs.

9. Improved Customer Experiences

With connected employees who are up to date with the latest policies and corporate news, organizations that use digital signage are far more likely to deliver positive messages to their customers. Digital signage helps your employees be more effective brand ambassadors by sharing the latest news and insights with your customers.

In addition, when digital signage conveys positive news, such as employee recognition, customers see the connections your company has with its employees.

Consult The Experts

Team of professionals discussing about a Digital Signage project.

S3 Technologies is a leading provider of digital signage solutions. Founded by Nancy and Chris Larker, S3 Technologies provides technological innovations that help companies transform their operations.

The company provides comprehensive technology solutions, from design to implementation to support. It serves clients locally and nationally from offices in Akron and Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo, New York, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

S3 Technologies offers multiple solutions beyond digital signage, including audio/visual, emerging technology, networking, and security. It works in multiple industries, including commercial and industrial, education, augmented and virtual reality, government, gaming and esports, and senior living.


Digital signage is an effective, powerful way to connect with your employees. By conveying critical information at the right moment, you can communicate what you need to in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

S3 Technologies has extensive experience in designing and implementing digital signage solutions that transform internal communications. To learn more about how S3 Technologies can design, install and support digital signage for your workplace, contact us today.


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