S3’s Top 5 AI Education Apps

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April 22, 2024

AI education apps open doors to endless possibilities and opportunities for growth. In this review, we reveal our top five picks. Regardless of your experience with education technology, all educators will find these apps promising. 

Keep reading as we dissect their features and strengths and their potential impact on the ever-evolving landscape of education.

Magic School: Best Assistant 

Magic School is an all-in-one teaching/administrative assistant designed for classrooms. It has over 60 generators, including a choice board, letter home, IEPs, and field trip planner. Each generator has a unique set of input options and can generate a plan to fit your needs in seconds.

From breaking down standards to creating a unit plan, Magic School has you covered. You can easily export lessons, worksheets, and any generation to your Google Drive for quick editing. Magic School can also translate to multiple languages.

Free and paid versions are available.

Diffit: Best for Differentiation 

In today’s classrooms, reading levels can vary greatly. Despite this, you must still teach specific standards and topics. 

Diffit.me is unique among AI education apps in that it can adapt any reading, excerpt, article, or video to match every student’s reading level, ensuring equitable access to content. Simply copy and paste a text or a video link or describe a topic in a few short words, and Diffit will create an informational or narrative text.

With every generation, Diffit will provide a text, summary, multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and open-ended prompts. You can export them to Google Drive or print them as a PDF. With Diffit’s paid subscription, you can format the generations into graphic organizers, diagrams, and more.

School AI: Best for Student Engagement

School AI

SchoolAI is a chatbot website with hundreds of pre-made “spaces” spanning all subjects. Assign a historical figure, tutor, icebreaker, and more to your class. 

Students access it through a class code, eliminating the need for personal accounts. School AI will provide a real-time transcript of the chat, plus “insights” to help reach your students’ needs on a user-friendly teacher dashboard. Plus, with over ten generator “tools,” SchoolAI can help with lesson planning, worksheets, and more.

QuestionWell: Best for Integration 

QuestionWell easily generates multiple-choice questions for any topic. 

After creating a free account with your email, you can easily export AI-generated questions to common classroom apps and sites. Simply add a topic, learning standard, and grade level, and QuestionWell will generate a short reading and ten multiple-choice questions. 

Once you review and edit the questions to your liking, you can easily export them to 15 platforms, including Kahoot, Quizzizz, Google/Microsoft Forms, Google Slides, Blooket, and more. 

Curipod: Best for Lesson Planning

Curipod offers a diverse range of features, including interactive lessons, collaborative projects, and personalized learning pathways. 

With Curipod, educators can easily create engaging content using multimedia resources and interactive elements, while students can access materials anytime, anywhere, fostering a flexible and dynamic learning environment.

Additionally, Curipod provides tools for assessment and feedback, allowing educators to track student progress and tailor instruction to individual needs.

Whether in the classroom or online, Curipod empowers educators to deliver engaging and effective instruction that inspires learning.


New technology, especially AI-driven tech, can be intimidating. S3 Technologies collaborates with schools and educators to make tech accessible to all, driving engagement and achievement. 

Email us at help@mys3tech.com if you need help bringing these AI education apps to your classroom or school!


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