Secure Our Schools. Support H.R. 7357

June 25, 2024

Ensuring the safety of our schools is more important than ever, and H.R. 7357, or the Securing Our Schools Act of 2024, is a significant step in the right direction. This bill proposes the reallocation of unused COVID-19 funds to meet another national need; safety initiatives in schools.

school surveillance camera for safety - S3 Technologies

If approved, the funding will cover expenses such as the following:

  • Specialized training for school staff in responding to mental health crises
  • The development of an anonymous threat reporting system (like an app or phone line)
  • Safety and self-defense training for staff and students
  • Installation of detectors, access control, and security cameras
  • Physical changes to the school building
  • Acquisition and installation of technology that provides expedited notifications to law enforcement 

Given the continued alarming rise of school violence, S3 Technologies supports H.R. 7357 for its focus on enhancing school safety. Many schools have pieces of a safety system, but this legislation could provide the means to tie all the resources together in an emergency mass notification system.

If you feel compelled to support the bill, we’ve written a sample message you can send to your representatives. Find their contact information here.

Subject: Support for H.R. 7357 – Securing Our Schools Act of 2024

Dear [Representative/Senator’s Name],

I am writing to express my strong support for H.R. 7357, the Securing Our Schools Act of 2024. This important legislation aims to enhance school security by reallocating unused COVID-19 relief funds to implement effective safety measures.

As a constituent, I believe that investing in the safety of our schools is crucial for the well-being of our students and staff. I urge you to support and advocate for the swift passage of this bill.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your Email]
[Your Phone Number]

In the meantime, allow S3 Technologies to assist in making your school the safe and supportive place it’s meant to be. Contact us for a free security assessment, analyzing security cameras, access control, vape/gunshot detection systems, and early alert system integration. Call (330) 648-5408 or email help@mys3tech.com.


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