Top 10 Grammar Apps for Kids and Elementary School Students

Grammar Apps for Kids and Elementary School Students
January 16, 2024

The use of educational apps has become a common practice in today’s classrooms. To help facilitate your students’ grammar development, we’ve compiled a list of the top grammar apps for kids.

Free Apps

1. Duolingo ABC: Boosting Language Skills (available on iOS and Android)

One of the best grammar apps for kids, Duolingo ABC, is designed to enhance language skills in children. The app’s curriculum is thoughtfully structured to introduce children to phonics, letter recognition, and basic grammar concepts. It utilizes a colorful and interactive interface that instantly engages kids, making learning an enjoyable experience.

2. ABCmouse: A Comprehensive Learning App (available on iOS and Android)

Some free content, with a subscription option. ABCmouse offers a comprehensive learning app for elementary students that includes a variety of grammar activities. With some free content and the option to subscribe for additional features, it’s an ideal choice to help young learners strengthen their grammar and language skills. The app also has content for math, science, and art, providing a holistic approach to learning.

Starfall Learn to Read

3. Starfall Learn to Read: Grammar and More (available on iOS and Android) Some free content, with a subscription option. StarFall Learn to Read  is another top pick among educational apps for elementary students. It not only focuses on reading but also emphasizes grammar and language development. With both free and subscription-based content, it’s an excellent resource for enhancing language skills. Starfall uses an easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible to children of various ages.

4. Smashing Grammar

Smashing Grammar With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of interactive lessons and exercises, it’s a valuable tool for learners of all levels. The app covers various aspects of grammar, from basic concepts to more advanced topics, making it suitable for beginners and more experienced users. It offers a real-time feedback feature and can even produce assessments for students.

5. Reading Eggs: Phonics and More (available on iOS and Android) 

Offers a free trial with a subscription option.

This app combines phonics, sight words, and grammar activities to provide a well-rounded literacy learning experience for young children. Reading Eggs offers a carefully structured curriculum, starting with phonics and sight words, which forms a strong foundation for early reading. Additionally, the app allows for tracking progress, ensuring that children move at their own pace and receive individualized instruction. 

7. Super Grammar Ninja: Learning Through Play (available on iOS)

Grammar Ninja is a gamified grammar app that turns learning into an exciting adventure for students. It allows kids to practice parts of speech and sentence structure while having fun. This interactive approach makes grammar and language development engaging and effective.

Paid Apps

8. Grammaropolis 

Grammaropolis Introduces students to a wide array of grammar topics using unique characters representing different parts of speech. Students work through a curriculum map, earning badges while completing songs, books, videos, and quizzes. The app’s progress tracking feature enables parents and educators to monitor a child’s advancement and adapt the content to their specific needs.

9. Endless Alphabet: Fun with Words (available on iOS and Android) 

Requires a one-time purchase.

Endless Alphabet is designed to introduce kids to new words and grammar concepts through fun animations and interactive puzzles. It’s a great choice for enhancing language development.  The app is great for teachers and parents looking to track their student’s progress

10. Sentence Builder: Constructing Sentences (available on iOS) 

Requires a one-time purchase.

Sentence Builder helps young learners construct grammatically correct sentences through interactive exercises. It’s a valuable tool for improving grammar and language skills. The app focuses on teaching effective communication; lessons can be tailored specifically for students’ individual needs. 

These top grammar apps for kids and educational apps for elementary students provide an interactive and enjoyable way to enhance grammar skills and language development. Whichever app you choose, you’re investing in your child’s language development and ensuring their success in the digital age. S3 Technologies helps teachers and students reach their full potential by leveraging technology to increase engagement and achievement. Contact us today to find out how we can collaborate with your school!


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