How Classroom Management Apps Promote Self-Management

students using Classroom Management Apps
November 16, 2023

In today’s educational landscape, classroom management apps have emerged as important tools for educators seeking to promote student self-management skills. These apps are changing traditional teaching methods by fostering greater autonomy, organization, and time management for students. Below are common tools and apps educators can use to help enhance learning through student self-management skills.

Class Dojo: 

Class Dojo is a rewards-based classroom management app that fosters student responsibility and other student self-management skills. ClassDojo promotes effective time management and encourages active participation and accountability. By utilizing ClassDojo’s features, such as behavior tracking, communication tools, goal-setting, and class stream, educators can create an environment that fosters independent, responsible students. Teachers can create a class account, add students and guardians, and award students points for customizable actions that students can redeem for rewards. Class Dojo is also a great communication tool for guardians.

PBIS Rewards: 

PBIS Rewards, a leading behavior management platform, plays a pivotal role in nurturing student self-management skills. By recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors, PBIS Rewards encourages students to take ownership of their actions and academic progress. The platform’s customizable reward system allows students to set goals, track their progress, and make choices that lead to positive outcomes. Students can be awarded points from an app on the teacher’s phone or device. Students can also be given a personal QR “badge” that can be scanned from a device and instantly awarded points. These points can be redeemed through a customizable “store.” PBIS Rewards also facilitates a “check-in” system, allowing students to connect with trusted staff members. A well-known feature of PBIS Rewards is its ability to track numerous data points, including time, date, individuals, and more. These reports can be used to create data-informed decisions. 


Bloomz is a tool that enhances classroom management and integrates with Positive Behavioral

Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Bloomz features a centralized communication hub, connecting teachers, parents, and students on one user-friendly platform. Teachers can easily share updates, announcements, and important information. Bloomz also streamlines scheduling by providing a shared calendar for teachers and parents. This can be used for class events, conferences, and due dates for classwork. Bloomz focuses on a PBIS behavior system with behavior tracking, recognition, data analysis, and guardian involvement features. Teachers can log both positive and challenging behaviors, helping them identify patterns and make informed decisions about classroom management strategies. The app enables teachers to easily acknowledge and reward positive behavior – Bloomz offers a point system that allows students to redeem rewards in a class store. Bloomz also provides tools to analyze behavior data over time, helping educators identify trends and areas for improvement. Bloomz offers a free platform for teachers that can be integrated with Google Classroom.

Classroom management apps can be a valuable tool for educators seeking to promote student self-management skills. These apps can help students develop autonomy, organization, and time management skills, all of which are essential for success in school and beyond. At S3 Technologies, we want to assist educators in preparing students for that success. Contact us today for more information on how we can work with you in your classroom to set up technology-based classroom management systems. 


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