Image of a meme concept.
February 17, 2023

Students Sharing What They Know Through Memes, Infographics, and Posters
Memes are eye-catching photos with words. Students LOVE memes, and it’s a great way to get them engaged. Plus, most students already know how to make memes.

  • Classroom Rules- Have students write your classroom rules then create memes for each of the rules.
  • Vocabulary- have students define a word with an eye-catching graphic
  • Literature- create memes to emphasize plot points, describe characters, share a favorite quote, etc.
  • English- create memes to explain figurative language or use of proper grammar
  • Math- create memes to explain a math problem or use humor to point out common mistakes
  • History- make memes to describe an event in history
  • Character-have students make memes of proverbs, motivational quotes, etc. (Check out values.com for ideas and to have students make their own)
  • Teachers can create memes and use them as an anticipatory activity to catch students attention and begin a discussion
  • Use memes as writing prompts
  • Science- create safety posters or fact sheets

Most meme generators are easy and straightforward to use. Choose a photo (this is a good place for discussion about copyright laws if students are using photos they’ve taken), enter text, download the picture. **You do want to be careful which meme generator you choose. Non-educational memes can sometimes be negative or inappropriate. So, be sure to try to meme generator out first, to see what kind of memes show up on the homepage.

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