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July 30, 2020

Program  Overview

TechU is a FREE  training/sharing program designed to help faculty and staff integrate  technology into their curriculum. TechU helps educators feel comfortable with  technology and then apply it in the classroom to elevate students’ learning.  Leave TechU with practical tools to use and share with your staff.  Click here to download our information  sheet.

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 Technology coordinators
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Whether you're  interested in learning about emerging tech or looking to learn more  about technology integration into your learning environment, our team at  S3 is here to help.  

Register for TechU by August 15 to be entered to win a Merge  VR headset!

May 2
Nearpod eTip

Nearpod is an amazing tool that makes your classroom presentations more engaging and interactive. With Nearpod, you can add videos, 3D models, simulations, and interactive “games” to your presentations! Students DO NOT need an account, so their privacy is protected! Instead, they join with a code, but you still get detailed reports on the things they complete during your sessions! Although there is a premium version of Nearpod, you will be able to access ALL the features described in this eTip with the FREE version

Click "Download" below to find out all about Nearpod in the latest S3 eTip volume.

Apr 4
Canva eTip

Canva is a graphic design platform used to design presentations, posters, social media graphics, documents, or other visual content. Educators can sign up for Canva for Education and receive all its’ pro features for FREE! Canva also integrates with Google Classroom seamlessly!

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Feb 28
eGlass eTip

eGlass is an illuminated glass whiteboard with a built-in camera that captures your face and writing all within the same frame. Record lessons with eGlass, take Snapshots, and so much more!

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Jan 26
Seesaw eTip

Seesaw is a digital portfolio app and website that allows students to share their thinking and make it visible to others. Seesaw allows students to publish their work to an authentic audience. Seesaw is a great tool for student reflection and extremely easy to use!

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