TIM E-Tip Vol. 1

March 7, 2023

Looking for ways to increase student engagement? Have a lesson that needs a face-lift? The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) Model can help take your lessons to the next level! This month's E-Tip looks at ways the TIM model can help provide a framework for using technology in your classroom.

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Nov 1
E-Rate 2023

E-rate, or the Universal Service Schools and Libraries Program, originated from the 1996 Telecom Act. Basically, the goal of the Act was for all Americans to have access to communication services. As a result, telecommunication companies pay a fee based on their revenue to the Universal Service Fund (USF) [created by the FCC and governed by the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC)]. This money is distributed to schools and libraries in part as a discount to the cost of Internet service.

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Oct 11
Schoolytics eTip

Do you LOVE Google Classroom, but wish you had an easier way to manage all your different classrooms and data in one place? Check out this month’s eTip on Schoolytics to learn more!

Aug 30
Student Data Privacy eTip

Keeping student data private and secure is an important factor when considering what technology to use in the classroom. Going forward, S3 Technologies will only be recommending resources that have signed the National Data Privacy Agreement. For more information on what the NDPC is and how we're utilizing it in our technology recommendations, download and read this month's eTip on Student Data Privacy!

Aug 1
Increase Employee Engagement with Digital Signage

You are walking past a digital sign at your workplace and a QR code appears. You pause to pull out your phone, scan the code, and immediately you are transported to an immersive experience. Not just any experience, but one specifically designed to upskill you on a piece of equipment that recently received a major software upgrade. Through a series of swipes and taps, along with sounds effects and videos, you now have the confidence to navigate the new features to make your job just a little bit easier and more efficient.  

What sounds like science fiction is how S3 Technologies leverages immersive experiences for our customers. In this case, a digital sign is a way to initiate a training opportunity with an employee, while in some cases, the training may be best administered with a video, virtual reality experience, or human-to-human interaction. S3’s mission, no matter the task, is to figure out the most effective and efficient way to engage employees and give them an educational (and entertaining) learning opportunity in the most accessible way possible.

As S3 continues to help value engineer solutions for our customers, we cannot help but get excited about the impact we are making on organizations across the world. From security and access control systems to launching immersive experiences from a digital sign, S3’s team of problem solvers and support experts is here to help guide you into unfamiliar territory. We believe that by embracing technology, our customers trust us to push the boundaries of what is possible to make our community and our world a better place.

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