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Customized tech solutions go beyond the norm to explore the peculiarities of your company, assessing its need and expected outcomes to create solutions that meet them. It also presents you with more personalized support, more adaptability, flexibility, scalability, and avenues for growth, putting you ahead of competitors. Are you looking for customized tech solutions in Akron? S3 Technologies is the solution you can trust.

S3 Technologies was founded by Nancy and Chris Laker in 2010. What began as a small company in the basement of their Akron home in Ohio has expanded to become a large corporation with professional facilities, a growing staff, and a strong local clientele. For over a decade, we have provided multiple businesses in Akron with cutting-edge, customized solutions and have grown to become the top technology expert in Northeast Ohio, receiving the Cascade Capital Corporation Business Growth Award twice. With a relentless focus on reliability and consistency in adding value to businesses in Akron.

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digital Signage

S3 Technologies provides digital signage in Akron. Our customized digital signage tech solution helps you to:

  • Make corporate announcements to all staff, no matter their location.

  • Keep your staff updated with current safety information, health tips and industry best practices to keep them healthy and safe.

  • Display metrics and dashboards to increase productivity.

  • Simplify your clients’ experience with directories and wayfinding.

  • Control equipment/resource allocation by giving updates on availability status.


In commercial buildings or areas with high-value inventory, security is of utmost importance. S3 Technologies has deployed custom security programs to help secure your facility. Our customized security systems in Akron comprise the following:

  • Surveillance and monitoring solutions that are specifically designed to keep your facility safe and secure. 

  • Alarm installation in key areas to offer added security for your company premises and resources.

  • Access control system to help you manage who enters where. These systems range from basic door buzzers to cutting-edge biometric access. Intercom systems, keypads, key cards/fobs proximity with RFID encrypted technology, retinal eye scanners, fingerprint readers and hand geometry readers are all part of the S3 experience.

  • Vaults, safes, drive-up systems and physical entrance control, which are all made according to your specifications and needs.


Security Camera


Technology is altering how we connect and communicate in every setting, including the boardroom, the classroom, the break room, and other meeting places. S3 Technologies makes use of audio-visual technology to improve the digital capabilities of your company, occasion, or venue. Our audio-visual services in Akron are:

  • Conference room setup. These include the installation and management of projectors, cutting-edge sound systems, interactive TVs, and whiteboards. S3 Technologies creates and installs solutions for both new and renovated buildings.

  • Digital signage design, installation, and management.

  • Quality sound and public address systems.

  • Live streaming services.



Computer networks make it possible for connected devices to exchange data securely. At S3 technologies, our network solutions include:

  • Full testing, documentation, and maintenance services to successfully run and implement your customized and structured network.

  • A conduit for secure telecommunications throughout your company.

  • Employ cable or wireless (WiFi) media to enhance connectivity and speed to increase profitability throughout your organization.


emerging tech

Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are now making their way into business applications. S3 Technologies can help you harness extended reality (XR) and its various forms to improve your company’s administration, marketing, training, and communications regardless of your business type. 


Breaking Barriers For Various Industries


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What Our Clients say

S3 Technologies is a fantastic resource for any organization that is looking to expand their technology use in their field. They have an extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff that goes the extra mile to ensure that the customer is informed about their products and capabilities for their organization. S3 Technologies has provided our district with the essential tools, resources, and professional development for creating a diverse technology portfolio in our schools!!!
Danielle A.
As a technology integration specialist, I'm always looking for new and interesting ideas to bring back to my staff. S3 technologies hosts free TechU workshops that have been fantastic round table discussions. Not only have I learned so much, but I've established some great relationships there.
Alex O.
This was our first purchase from S3 Technologies and what a wonderful experience. They kept us informed on our order and provided great communication throughout the process. Looking forward to future projects with them as a solution provider. Thank You S3 Technologies.
John S.

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