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One of the most common business scenes of the last decade is seeing companies nosedive because they lack innovation, the resources to digitally transform their operations, or poor technological integration. Since our inception in 2010, we’ve been dedicated to helping business owners improve their enterprise and service delivery by offering consultation, tech installation, and support services.

Looking for reliable customized tech solutions in Buffalo? Look no further than S3 Technologies for the trusted solution you need.

S3 Technologies is the foremost provider of audio-visual services in Buffalo with a dedicated and experienced team. We are two-time winners of the prestigious Cascade Capital Corporation Business Growth Award because of our dedication to installing premium security systems in Buffalo and surrounding cities.

We’ve grown in size these last few years because of our credible service delivery and the understanding that our value isn’t rooted in one location. We are now near you and would love to mind your business like ours, helping you conquer your business challenges stress-free. 

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digital signage

Effective employee and customer engagement and communication can catalyze your marketing efforts and reduce expenditure. This is why seasoned business owners invest in visual communication mediums like digital signage that deliver real-time information. 

With more than 90% of effective communication being visual, you have a better chance of lodging your business in the subconscious of your ideal customers. S3 Technologies is the go-to for digital signage in Buffalo.



Why wait until the aftermath of a break-in before taking necessary security measures for your business? Not only do 87% of burglary cases go unsolved, it negatively impacts your customers’ trust in you and your business. At S3 Technologies, we specialize in providing tailored security solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of experts carefully analyzes your requirements and designs a customized security system that integrates the latest industry-grade technology, including alarms, video surveillance, and access control services.


Security Camera


Use state-of-the-art audio-visual technologies to make conferences and board meetings more interactive and practical. All it takes is a split second of failure in your communication to disorient your listeners. 

Facilitating a live meeting or seminar? Upgrade your audience's listening experience and keep them interested using whiteboards and interactive TVs with help from S3 technologies.



S3's network solutions enable secure and reliable exchange of data among connected devices. Our customized network designs cater to the telecommunication needs of your business, utilizing either cable (hard-wired) or wireless (WiFi) media. We offer end-to-end services including installation, structured network design, thorough testing, documentation, and maintenance to ensure optimal network performance.

emerging tech

Savvy entrepreneurs anticipate new technologies and find ways to implement them to give their businesses a competitive edge. Do you still need to catch up on the details or need help with how to get started? At S3 technologies, we help you gain clarity, plan your entry and help you integrate XR solutions.


Breaking Barriers For Various Industries


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What Our Clients say

S3 Technologies is a fantastic resource for any organization that is looking to expand their technology use in their field. They have an extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff that goes the extra mile to ensure that the customer is informed about their products and capabilities for their organization. S3 Technologies has provided our district with the essential tools, resources, and professional development for creating a diverse technology portfolio in our schools!!!
Danielle A.
As a technology integration specialist, I'm always looking for new and interesting ideas to bring back to my staff. S3 technologies hosts free TechU workshops that have been fantastic round table discussions. Not only have I learned so much, but I've established some great relationships there.
Alex O.
This was our first purchase from S3 Technologies and what a wonderful experience. They kept us informed on our order and provided great communication throughout the process. Looking forward to future projects with them as a solution provider. Thank You S3 Technologies.
John S.

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