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The S3 team has always had an important mission: using emerging technology to serve the hardworking business owners of Northeast Ohio. Through the years, we've worked hard to provide the customized, caring services our clients demand. 

The result? A rapidly expanding team of tech professionals and a long list of happy clients. We consistently receive positive feedback and are excited to continue making a difference in Columbus and beyond.

A wide variety of organizations look to S3 for customized tech solutions in Columbus. Our work extends to several of the area's most important sectors, running the gamut from industrial and commercial to municipal entities.

Our reach may be broad, but we always provide a customized approach that takes each client's specific concerns into account.

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digital Signage

Keep consumers and employees in the know with digital signage in Columbus. Local businesses look to S3 Technologies for help with safety signage, wayfinding, employee engagement, and more. 


Safe and secure premises are crucial. Our team at S3 provides much-needed peace of mind by offering the following security solutions services:

  • Security system installation

  • 24/7 video monitoring

  • Access control system implementation

  • Custom designs for vaults and safes

Security Camera


The right audio-visual setup can boost engagement and deliver truly memorable experiences for customers, clients, and students. Look to S3 for assistance with implementing sound systems, live streaming, interactive whiteboards, and state-of-the-art video walls.


The secure and reliable exchange of information is vital to your success as a Columbus business. At S3, we promote this through a variety of high-level network solutions services, such as structured network installation, testing, and documentation. We have extensive experience with cutting-edge strategies, including wireless access points and fiber optics.

emerging tech

Make the most of emerging XR solutions such as augmented and virtual reality. These are no longer the realm of science fiction — they hold real potential to elevate your Columbus business. S3's commitment to emerging tech is exemplified by our acquisition of the acclaimed AR/VR company New Territory. 

We're pleased to provide a unique Android and iOS application that blends the best of digital messaging with real-world interactions. This — alongside our exclusive analytics platform — provides an intriguing glimpse into powerful brand interactions. 

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