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Deliver critical services with greater agility. S3 Technologies provides government technology solutions in Akron that enhance efficiency and responsiveness. Leverage innovative tools like AR and VR to empower your workforce and solve your constituents’ most urgent challenges.

The Technological Landscape in Akron Government

The technological landscape in Akron's government has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Various departments adopt cutting-edge tools to enhance efficiency, improve services, and address the community's evolving needs.

  • The Finance and Human Resources Departments transitioned to a cloud platform to streamline administrative processes. This technology integrates finance, HR, and payroll functions, enabling more efficient resource management and data-driven decision-making.
  • Akron City applied for the Bureau of Justice's Virtual Reality De-escalation program. This enhanced law enforcement training uses virtual reality technology to simulate de-escalation scenarios to improve their crisis intervention skills.
  • The Metro Regional Transit Authority launched a mobile app designed to enhance the passenger experience. The app allows users to plan their bus routes and purchase passes from their smartphones. Additionally, it provides real-time crowd information, enabling passengers to avoid crowded buses.

Akron is continuously exploring new technologies and partnerships to revitalize itself. The city is intent on embracing technology not only to earn the “Smart City” designation but also to reap the benefits it entails—that of improved public services and equitable access to help and opportunities for all residents.

Types of Government Technology Solutions

S3 Technologies specializes in customizing government technology solutions in Akron to meet the unique needs of government agencies in the city.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR technology overlays digital content, such as images, videos, or 3D models, onto the real-world environment. In government settings, AR serves various purposes.

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Training and Simulation

Government agencies leverage AR to provide immersive training experiences for their workforce, such as first responders or military personnel, allowing them to simulate scenarios in realistic environments.

Maintenance and Repair

AR aids technicians by overlaying digital instructions or diagrams onto physical equipment, expediting maintenance and repair tasks.

Public Services

AR applications offer citizens enhanced information about public infrastructure, historical sites, and community resources through mobile devices.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR technology creates digital environments where users can explore and interact. In government contexts, VR has various applications.

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Urban Planning

City planners utilize VR to visualize proposed infrastructure projects and assess their impact on the built environment.

Emergency Management

VR simulations enable emergency responders to train for various scenarios, ranging from natural disasters to terrorist attacks, within a safe and controlled virtual environment.

Public Engagement

VR experiences engage citizens in participatory planning processes, allowing them to explore proposed developments and provide feedback virtually.

AR and VR incorporate hardware like headsets, glasses, and motion-tracking sensors and specialized software that enables immersive experiences and interactions. S3 Technologies’ solutions are hardware- and software-agnostic, so you can expect smooth integration with your existing tech ecosystem.

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The citizens deserve an efficient and responsive government. Agencies that invest in cutting-edge technology will not only meet the people’s expectations but exceed them.

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