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Experience the blend of physical and digital realms. S3 Technologies’ augmented & virtual reality solutions in Buffalo redefine engagement. Upgrade your operations, training programs, and customer experiences and push the boundaries of your organization’s potential.

The Augmented & Virtual Reality Landscape in Buffalo

In Buffalo, diverse industries are harnessing the power of extended reality (XR) to revolutionize customer engagement, employee training, and operational efficiency.

  • Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy introduced an AR app that allows users to see the historic but now demolished Lake View House. The app also provides park updates.
  • The Buffalo Bills launched the first VR experience in the NFL. An interactive app created by Rochester Institute of Technology alums allows fans to explore Highmark Stadium 360 degrees, including the field and the locker room.
  • The Buffalo Museum of Science hosted a virtual reality exhibit, offering visitors a range of immersive experiences to explore. From playing games like Angry Birds to diving into underwater worlds and even painting with their hands, visitors engaged all their senses in the virtual realm.

The potential of XR is vast and varied. It offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses in any industry to propel themselves into the future and unlock new realms of innovation and success.

Types of AR & VR Solutions

S3 Technologies has officially acquired New Territory, a leading VR/AR development expert. This strategic partnership enables us to offer various augmented & virtual reality solutions in Buffalo, driving innovation across all industries.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions

AR solutions blend digital elements with the physical world. It enhances processes, reduces errors, and improves efficiency in businesses. For healthcare providers, AR technology facilitates precise surgical navigation and medical training simulations, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

VR solutions transport users to immersive digital environments. VR simulations enable students and trainees to engage in hands-on learning experiences, enhancing comprehension and retention. In healthcare, VR-based therapies offer non-pharmacological interventions for pain management and mental health treatment, providing patients with immersive experiences that promote healing and well-being.

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Integration with Other Technologies

S3 Technologies offers device- and platform-agnostic extended reality solutions, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems and infrastructure. Our approach allows you to leverage AR and VR experiences across diverse hardware and software without being bound to any specific manufacturer or vendor. Our solutions are flexible and scalable while remaining compatible with your tech ecosystem.

S3 Technologies is a champion of innovation. Experience how we create solutions to the unique challenges in your industry.

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