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Experience the power of physical and digital worlds with S3 Technologies' augmented & virtual reality solutions in Charlotte. Elevate operations, training, and customer experiences to new heights and push the boundaries of your organization's potential.

The Augmented & Virtual Reality Landscape in Charlotte

Extended reality (XR) solutions, including AR and VR, open up numerous opportunities for innovation. These technologies enable various industries in Charlotte to explore fresh avenues for customer engagement, employee training, and operational efficiency.


  • Thanks to Wheelhouse Media, a Charlotte-based production studio, visitors may soon witness Captain Jack and other historical Charlotte statues come to life through the magic of VR and AR technology.
  • Education students at UNC Charlotte now use VR to prepare for real classrooms. The program, developed by Meghan Barnes and Hilary Dack and piloted in the fall of 2019, enhances student-teacher interaction learning by providing more immersive and comprehensive experiences than traditional video-based methods.
  • The recruits of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Training Academy hone their policing skills using VR technology. VR lets trainees practice real-life scenarios, improving their ability to make split-second decisions and de-escalate tense situations.


These examples highlight Charlotte's dedication to utilizing XR solutions to tackle evolving challenges. This collaborative effort reinforces Charlotte's position as a center for tech innovation, demonstrating its proactive approach to meeting the community's needs.

Types of AR & VR Solutions

S3 Technologies is committed to delivering cutting-edge augmented & virtual reality solutions in Charlotte. We continually drive innovation and provide diverse installations across various industries.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions

AR solutions combine digital elements with the physical world, enhancing processes, reducing errors, and boosting business efficiency. In healthcare, for instance, AR technology aids in precise surgical navigation and medical training simulations, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

VR solutions immerse users in digital environments, enhancing comprehension and retention through hands-on learning experiences. In healthcare, VR-based therapies provide nonpharmacological interventions for pain management and mental health treatment, offering immersive experiences that promote healing and well-being.

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Integration with Other Technologies

S3 Technologies offers extended reality solutions that work with any device or platform, easily fitting into your current systems. It means you can use AR and VR experiences with any hardware and software without being limited to specific brands. Our solutions are adaptable, scalable, and compatible with your existing technology setup.

S3 Technologies is a champion of innovation. Experience how we create solutions to the unique challenges in your industry.

Forge Ahead with AR/VR Innovation

Dive into the future with extended reality. Companies that harness its transformative potential will lead the way.

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