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The Augmented & Virtual Reality Landscape in Cleveland

Extended reality (XR) solutions, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), offer abundant opportunities for innovation. These technologies enable various industries in Cleveland to engage customers, train employees, and streamline operations in accessible ways.


  • Cleveland Clinic researchers and physicians use augmented reality for various clinical applications. It enhances treatments for liver cancer, aortic aneurysms, and other conditions by providing 3D holographic images that improve accuracy and visualization during procedures.
  • Students at Verizon Innovation Learning Schools use VR technology to explore subjects like frog anatomy in new and exciting ways without using traditional methods like dissection. They can also design and 3D print anatomical models. 
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers use AR technology for fan experiences. The Cavs ARcade lets fans interact digitally with the court, join virtual games, and participate in watch parties.
  • Local AR/VR meetup group CLEVR plans to utilize AR and VR technologies to improve Cleveland’s socioeconomic health. Zabala envisions transforming vacant buildings, like the Richman Brothers building, into immersive VR experiences, tapping into Cleveland's vibrant cultural scene to create unique and engaging virtual environments.


These examples highlight Cleveland's dedication to using XR solutions to tackle evolving challenges, cementing its role as a tech innovation hub that embraces progressive approaches to serve its residents.

Types of AR & VR Solutions

S3 Technologies has expanded its capacities by acquiring New Territory, a leading VR/AR development company. This partnership allows us to offer various augmented and virtual reality solutions in Cleveland, driving innovation across industries.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions

AR solutions seamlessly merge digital elements with the real world, improving processes, minimizing errors, and enhancing business efficiency. In healthcare, for instance, AR technology enables precise surgical navigation and realistic medical training simulations, improving patient outcomes.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

Our VR solutions immerse users in digital environments. It offers hands-on learning experiences for students and trainees. In healthcare, VR-based therapies provide nonpharmacological interventions for pain management and mental health treatment, promoting healing and well-being through immersive experiences.

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Integration with Other Technologies

S3 Technologies offers extended reality solutions compatible with various devices and platforms, ensuring smooth integration with your existing systems. Our approach allows you to utilize AR and VR experiences across different hardware and software without being restricted to a specific manufacturer or vendor. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and fully compatible with your existing tech.

S3 Technologies is a champion of innovation. Experience how we create solutions to the unique challenges in your industry.

Innovative Training and Learning

Embracing extended reality is key to being a catalyst of innovation. Organizations that leverage AR and VR will lead the way for the future.

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