Augmented & Virtual Reality Solutions in Columbus, Ohio


Enter a place where learning goes beyond regular classrooms. Imagine students journeying through ancient civilizations from their classroom seats or employees learning about your company and training on machinery, ramping up their productivity.

We create a world of augmented & virtual reality solutions in Columbus. Here, imagination meets education and training. S3 Technologies leads the way, bringing AR and VR into learning. Join forces with S3 Technologies and change how we learn and experience the world, one fantastic experience after another.

The Augmented & Virtual Reality Landscape in Columbus

Columbus leads the way in AR and VR innovation across various industries like healthcare, education, entertainment, and manufacturing. These fields use immersive technologies to boost productivity, encourage creativity, and improve user experiences.

From groundbreaking medical simulations that help with surgical training to interactive educational experiences that engage students, AR and VR significantly impact many areas, shaping Cleveland's tech scene.

Recent AR and VR technology advancements have made Columbus a hotspot for innovation. With better hardware, software, and content creation tools, creators and users can do more. S3 Technologies is at the forefront of these developments, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AR and VR solutions.

Types of AR & VR Solutions

Discover diverse augmented & virtual reality solutions in Columbus that reshape industries and experiences.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions

In AR, people use phones, tablets, or special glasses to see digital images on top of the real world. It can help you find your way around, see ads you can play with, learn new stuff, or try on clothes without actually wearing them. AR makes life more exciting and interactive.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

In VR, people wear special headsets to enter digital worlds that feel real. These worlds are used for games, training, meetings, and building planning. VR feels real because it has lifelike graphics, 3D sound, and even touch sensations. It's like being in a different world right from where you are.

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Integration with Other Technologies

Furthermore, blending AR and VR with gaming, healthcare, and design brings fresh opportunities for creativity and teamwork. AR adds cool features to play in gaming by using your location and interactive elements. VR creates complete virtual worlds for gaming.

For healthcare, AR helps plan surgeries, teach medical skills, and help patients recover. VR gives therapy and helps with mental health treatment. AR shows products virtually in design, and VR lets people walk through buildings and try out designs before they're built.

S3 Technologies has some exciting news! We've recently bought New Territory, a well-known company that has created extraordinary experiences with technology since 2017. It means we can do even more cool stuff and work closely with big companies like eBay, Goodyear, and the Bounce Innovation Hub.

With New Territory's fun gaming group, virtual reality arcade, and place where they make augmented reality stuff, we're ready to help the Northeast Ohio area and beyond. Together, we're going to keep making neat ideas and fun times for our customers all over the world.

Innovative Training and Learning

Experience the impactful changes our augmented and virtual reality solutions can bring to Columbus! S3 Technologies is leading the way in using these remarkable technologies to change how we learn and train.

Discover all the awesome things in our augmented & virtual reality solutions in Columbus. Join us at S3 Technologies and be part of the tech revolution. Let's open up new ways to learn and grow together. Are you excited to get started? Reach out to us today and discover how you can use AR and VR to improve training and learning in Columbus and everywhere!

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