Security Solutions in Columbus, Ohio


For your security solutions in Columbus, S3 Technologies is the leading tech pioneer that ensures the safety and security of your business around the clock. Understanding and managing the individuals, activities, and locations within a building is crucial for ensuring the safety of your business and everyone present on the premises. S3 possesses the professional expertise to deliver real-time control, surveillance, and access solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The Need for Access Control in Columbus

Access control systems strengthen security measures across diverse facilities and organizations. Whether in corporate offices or educational institutions, implementing access control is essential to guarantee the safety and integrity of these spaces.

Columbus, Ohio, faces security challenges typical of urban areas, including crime rates, public safety concerns, cybersecurity threats, access control issues, emergency response needs, and community safety initiatives. Implementing comprehensive security solutions involves technologies like surveillance and access control systems and strategies tailored to address specific challenges.

Types of Access Control Systems

S3 pioneers diverse technologies with access control in Columbus, from door buzzers to biometric access. Our solutions cover intercoms, keypads, RFID key cards, fingerprint and retinal scanners, and hand geometry readers.

S3 designs, installs, and supports systems tailored to your security needs, ensuring peace of mind. S3's Access Control Systems seamlessly integrate with other security measures, offering cohesive protection. 


Alarms are the initial step towards securing your building. S3 excels in designing and installing alarm systems, offering assistance with notifications and monitoring for comprehensive security.


Take charge of your space with our diverse Access Control Systems. S3's experience spans various technologies, ensuring your control over entries is precise and secure.


S3 ensures 24/7 security monitoring with optional cellular/internet backup—access historical and live video and monitoring system access for enhanced protection.


As a Hamilton Authorized Channel Partner, S3 provides custom-designed security solutions in Columbus, including vaults, safes, drive-up systems, physical entrance control, and Gunnebo Cash Management and Cash Recycling products.


Control and monitor the essential aspects of your building with S3's real-time access solutions. We bring professional experience to ensure the safety and security of your business premises.

Continuous Commitment to Safety

Discover S3 Technologies' comprehensive security solutions in Columbus. We are devoted to fortifying the safety of the city's residents and industries. With advanced access control systems, we continuously progress towards an unwavering commitment to security. Take a step with us towards a safer Columbus. Your safety is our priority.

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