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Is it time for you to renew your teaching license? Are you looking for classes and workshops that will help you leverage technology to make learning more active and engaging for your students? You've come to the right place!

S3 technologies has developed a variety of courses to help you utilize technology to enhance your teaching! Find out more about each course below, and check back later for more additions to our expanding list!

Increasing Active Learning with Adobe Express

Introduction to the free Adobe Express resources they and their students can use to creatively present information. By the end of the training, teachers will have created a sample Adobe project with a colleague that can be used in their classroom. Teachers will leave with practical ideas for lessons using Adobe Express.

Enhancing Instruction with Digital Tools

This is aimed at teachers of all subjects/grade levels and will give them an understanding of a variety of technology tools that will enhance their instruction in meaningful ways. The topics that will be covered in this course are Google Workspace for Education tools, collaborative and interactive resources, student choice boards, student portfolios, and student podcasting. Teachers will learn how they can incorporate these things, and make sure their standards are still being met.


The audience for this workshop is tech integration specialists and K-8 teachers looking to expand their technology integration skills in a variety of areas. This specific workshop consists of four quarterly meetings where each session covers a different topic(s). Session topics include, but are not limited to, presentation tools, integrating technology into and across all subject areas, computer science and programming, beginning and end of school best practices, and technology purchasing ideas.

Important registration info

You will register for each course through S3 Technologies first, paying a $150 fee. Then, you will be sent a link to register with Kent State, and pay an additional $165 fee. Use the registration link on the side of this page to get started with S3 Technologies!

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